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Why Are You Like This? - TV Series

WAYLT Productions - ABC TV / Netflix - 2020

credits: post artwork (illustrations).

Did some digital illustration work for the ABC/Netflix comedy series, 'Why Are You Like This?'. Fun.

Now streaming on Netflix everywhere

Aside from a couple of WikiHow style cartoons that pop up for half a second, most of my work on the show involved an extended gag about a Lushsux type of street artist that keeps doing these shitty murals aimed at characters in the show. Ranx's street art usually involves tits, shit, or both. It's all digital because it would have been a bit rubbish to put this stuff up on real walls, and probably more expensive, and difficult, and would have taken longer... basically there's no reason to do it for real, is what I'm saying. Got it?

I quite enjoyed the final scene of the series ending with the main cast all gushing about my work. Feels good, man.

'RANX' finale